The Senior Youth department here at Brixton Seventh Day Adventist church aims to raise a young person’s devotional life while lifting the standard of attainment of youth.

We educate and train both youths of the church and the wider community for service, endeavouring to provide opportunities for outreach and service so our young people grow and develop a competent understanding of the value of their impact. This not only boosts their confidence and self-worth but has the added benefit of upskilling them as they mature and are better prepared for future life events.

Through love and commitment, all youth know that they can rely on the church to provide a safe sanctuary in which they can comfortably express themselves, as they question and challenge the world they live in.

Catering to their social, educational, and spiritual needs, through a collaborative, as opposed to territorial effort, we have implemented thriving activities such as, Friday night meetups, game nights, youth retreats, youth days and banquets, for persons aged 16 to 35+. As a result, youth are empowered to discover their individual worth as they develop and explore their spiritual gifts.

In line with the global church, our mission to lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, as they embrace His call to discipleship, teaching them to be co-labourers and stewards in the 21st century.

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