Tithes & Offering

The collection of tithes and offering takes place during the main worship service. However, if you are not physically present, you can also pay your tithe securely online via the South England Conference website, (select Brixton from the list of churches when asked).

You may also give one-off or recurring offering donations by filling in the form on this page.

Please note, the Brixton Seventh-day Adventist Church Community Services department is in no way affiliated with the Giving Hub.

Returning Your Tithes and Offering During COVID – 19 Church Closures

With guidance from the South England Conference, Brixton SDA would like to inform you that you can still return your tithes and offering. There are two options available: online and using tithes envelope in your home.

1. Online

For those who have access to the internet and wish to return their tithes and offerings online, please send it to:

Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Brixton SDA Church
Account number: 01232169
Sort code: 40-01-22

We ask that you put a brief narrative in the reference box, for example, tithes etc. We will still ask that you complete your tithes envelope, for each payment, putting the date of the transfer on the envelope. When it is convenient, we will ask you to present these envelopes to the Treasury, so that we can apportion your funds accordingly.

2. Tithes Envelopes in Your Home

For those who prefer to complete an envelope in their home, we will issue tithes envelopes to you, if you let us know. If you need envelopes, please contact the Conference Treasurer on 07539 380329 or the Local Treasurer on 07507427378.

Once you have completed your envelopes, please keep them in your possession until the church reopens for you to return them.

May God continue to watch over you as we go through this period of uncertainty.

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