The Stewardship department helps us to establish the habit of putting God first in every area of our lives. This includes our bodies, skills, time, finances, environment and work.


Budget Planning Tool
Tithing Questions Answered
Gift Aid

Stewardship Videos


Stewardship Spot 4: What is Tithe?

10 years ago

Tithe is returned to God, not given. All we have is His. He only requires one tenth. It is an act of Worship, and acknowledgment of...


Stewardship Spot 8 Sharing

9 years ago

Total commitment to God and love for others. Giving helps us become more like our Heavenly Father....


Stewardship Spot 10: Planned Giving

10 years ago

We can manage our time better if we plan ahead. It's the same with giving. If we plan ahead, and give systematically, everyone wins,...

Making a Will

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