Join us for our inspirational sessions with special guest speaker
Pastor Dane Fletcher.

Live on Saturday at Brixton SDA Church on Santley Street, SW4 7QG from 11:30 am

Followed by a virtual evening programme starting at 6.30pm live on our social media platforms Youtube – search for Brixton SDA Church; Facebook-@brixtonsda

On weekdays we start our stream from 7:00pm also on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Remember to share with a friend. Don’t miss it!

Theme Song

We’re running this race called life
Obstacles, fear and strife may come in your way
But hear God say my child just hold on
God will give you strength
And victory through every test
You got here by faith
Keep running life’s race until you have won
The road may be long
They’ll be mountains to climb
But with God by your side
You’ll make it over
For in God’s word, Nothing’s impossible
By God’s grace
Keep running life’s race until you have won
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