We are blessed with a wonderful Pastor and would like you to get to know him better. He has recorded a video which will be here soon in the meantime you can read the interview below.

How long have you been a Pastor?

I have been a Pastor for the past 35 years. My work experience as a Pastor started with the Grenada Mission of Seventh-day Adventists where I served for ten years. During that period, I pastored a number of churches and also served as director of Publishing, Personal Ministries, and Health Ministries departments. My last appointment with the Grenada Mission was at the St. Georges Seventh-day Adventist Church where I served as Pastor. Upon completion of a Masters Degree in Family Relations from Montemorelos University, Mexico , I took up employment with the South Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, in Trinidad. While pastoring with this Conference, I also chaired several school boards including Southern Academy of SDA. In 2002 I was invited to work with the South England Conference of SDA. I eventually took up employment here in the UK, April 1, 2003 where I have been pastoring until this present time.

What did you do before you became a Pastor?

I grew up in Grenada under the loving care of my grandmother and uncle. My uncle owned a transport and farming business, so when I left school I worked as part of that business.

How were you called to the ministry?

It was in the late 1970’s I first felt the Lord was calling me, at that time I was a bit hesitant. God’s call became very clear in 1978 when I attended the Caribbean Youth Camp sponsored by the East Caribbean Conference of SDA under the directorship of Pastors Fitzroy Maitland and Everette Howell. It was at this time that God’s call on my life became irresistible. Then the unexpected happened. A friend of mine arranged for application forms for Caribbean Union College, now University of the Southern Caribbean, to be sent to me . This to me was indeed God’s doing.

Throughout my College years I saw God’s guiding hand each step of the way as He prepared me for the Gospel Ministry. Now after thirty three years of service, I have no regrets that I responded to God’s call, and I do not think I will be happy doing anything else than to minister to people. My greatest satisfaction is to see someone whose life has being ravaged by sin, turn to Jesus Christ. This to me is a miracle.

Which Bible character do you identify with most and why?

Moses inspires me. Several times in my leadership role, I had to go back to the Bible and re-examine Moses’ experience, how God took him and sent him to deal with sheep in an effort to qualify Moses to lead His people. I note his meekness and also his strength and how he depended on God for wisdom to lead in times of criticism , rebelliousness, and in all manner of difficulty.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to hang out with good friends, chat with people, or go shopping with my wife.